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    Demon Spades


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    Demon Spades

    Post  HitsugayaToshiro on Sat Dec 06, 2008 2:30 pm

    Name: Hearts and Spades
    Age: 16
    Type of Demon: Demon of Hearts and Spades (only one)
    Job: Mischief (sp?)
    Height: 4'10
    Weight: 8 lbs
    Sexuality: bisexual
    Likes: To play outside the underground and annoy Creapers, and to listen to music.
    Dislikes: Playing on the safe side.
    Frightened of: The Joker (lol not real)

    History: Hearts and spades or just Spades, has always been one to break the rules, he always gets away from creepers and hasn't been in the underground for years. In this result he finds himself successful and knows he will never return. He's eager for the day a creaper is clever enough to catch him.

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