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    Demon Seegeist (2)


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    Demon Seegeist (2)

    Post  UlquiorraSchiffer on Mon Sep 15, 2008 6:04 pm

    Name: Seegeist Hrita
    Age: 53
    Demon Type: Dämon des whirling Wassers (Demon of the whirling water, ish a literal water spirit)
    Job: Collector (leaves through the gate, lives next to gate keeper, they like brothers, and his house is always flooded)
    Weight: 5 lbs
    Sexuality: only likes water not much of anything else, that why he flooded his house
    Likes: Water and Salt
    Dislikes: Cold weather (it freezes him more than anything)
    Frightened of: Ice, cold weather, and people

    Appearance: looks like a little kid *refer above*

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