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    Creeper Rain A
    Name: Rain Nagasaki
    Age: 5,230
    Gender: Male
    Magic Ability: 300
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Hidden?: Yes, dislikes people seeing him
    Sexual Interest: 10

    History: Being born a creeper he always resented himself, he just saw himself as empty baggage to the stronger, older Creepers so he decided that he would train his best so that he no longer felt this way, his magic ability always lacking behind the younger Creepers training came hard t him making him a very negative person to be around, so he always hid himself from others in hope of never being seen by the "Beautiful" people he called and he trained in hiding until his master whose name he doesn't even know helped him slightly along the way by giving him a scroll and saying "Once you can read this scroll your magic will jump to a level of 200" so for years he studied the scroll continuing his training, until it was his 5,230th birthday when he left his hiding to retrieve some interaction and returned home to the scroll being in a readable language to him. From then on he promised himself he would stop being selfish and he would begin his duty as a Creeper.

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