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    Werewolf Mia


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    Werewolf Mia

    Post  HitsugayaToshiro on Fri Sep 05, 2008 9:04 pm

    Name: Mia
    Gender: Male
    Height: 4'8
    Weight: 67 lbs
    Wolf size: the normal size of an average wolf.
    Likes: Humans, singing
    Dislikes: getting sick, bad people
    Sexuality: bisexual
    Hobbies: being pet Smile

    History: Mia doesn't remember anything that happened to him in his past but a few painful visuals that past through his mind every once in awhile.

    Appearance: Brown short hair in the back long in the front usally has colorful clips in it. Has a stringed sleaveless shirt and colar. A big brown belt that looks like a skirt it's so big and blue worn out and ripped jeans. Red and black converse, eyes are a bright emerald green

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